Club Library

Items Available to Club Members for Checkout

The Waldorf Soccer Club Library is now starting to grow. We currently have some videos and books that can be checked out by our coaches at any time as long as they are available. Contact Joe Ward (see: contact board members page) if you wish to check these videos or books out. They will have to be returned within a 2 week time period. Any lost videos or books will have to be replaced by the person checking them out.


Practice Plans and Coaching Tips

Coaching 5-12 year olds:  An excellent resource that covers coaching methods and drills designed to teach younger players the fundamental skills.
New! Twenty Easy to Follow Soccer PracticesPractice plans that combine demonstrations, drills, and small-sided games that are intended to introduce and reinforce specific skills and tactics.
New! 24 Easy to follow Training Sessions For 5-7 Year Olds: Contains easy to understand and  systematically organized drills and games.
New! 24 Easy to follow Training Sessions For 8-11 Year Olds
New! Developing Youth Football (soccer) Players: Sam Snow, Director of US Youth Soccer Coaching Education, calls this book by coaching legend Horst Wein a must-have resource for youth soccer club administrators and coaches.
New! Soccer Coaching Made Easy, A Coaches Guide to Player Development: Sample Training Sessions for U6, U8, U10, and U12 Age Groups.
New! How to Coach a Soccer Team -  Professional advice on Training plans, skill drills, and tactical analysis from Tony Carr, Manager of the West Ham Soccer Academy in London .

  Elite Steps 2 Success Series Sample Practice Plans

  • The Practical Guide to Coaching 4-6 year olds - Great book aimed at improving your level of coaching so that you can improve the level of your players.  Offers clear, practical guidelines on how to provide the best learning experience.  Comes with many fun drills designed to address the various principles of play and skill development.

  • The Practical Guide to Coaching 7-10 year olds

  • The Practical Guide to Coaching 11-14 year olds

Success in Soccer DVD Series


  • New! Playing and Practicing with 5 to 6 Year Olds
  • New! Playing and Practicing with 5 to 6 Year Olds
  • New! Playing and Practicing with 5 to 6 Year Olds\

US Youth Soccer Collection 

  • The Novice Coach: An Introduction to Coaching Youth Soccer - This DVD provides coaches of all abilities a positive method on how to instruct young players.  Features over 45 minutes of actual pratice footage with specific recommendations on how to organize and conduct training sessions for the U5, U7, U9, and U11 age groups.    
·      Attitudes are Contagious: This VCR tape emphasizes the positive aspect of coaching and how to model good behavior and sportsmanship.        
  •   U6 & U8 Practice Activities: This book explains in detail on how to prepare 20 training sessions for younger players that focus on player development in a low stress, fun-filled environment
  • U10 Practice Activities: This book contains practice sessions for 10 and 11 year-olds.  Includes drills and small-sided games.
  • Coaching the U12 player: This book provides drills that stress technical and tactical development for middle school-aged players.
  • U12 Activity Aids for the Parent/Coach: Another book containing tactical and technical drills.

 Tom Bouklas Soccer Tactics and Skills DVD Series

 ·   Positional Play & Team Formations: For the U13 Coach or those teams that play 11 Vs 11).  This video covers positional play in both zone and man-to-man situations and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of some of the more popular team formations (4-4-2, 3-5-2, 3-4-3, etc.)
 ·   Transitional Play & Set Plays: This video covers the all important transition phase that follows a change in possession and set plays that result from a stoppage in play.
 ·   Passing, Receiving & Combination Play: Covers passing and receiving techniques and applies these skills in combination drills involving tactical situations.
 ·   Defending: Addresses all aspects of team and individual defending
 ·   Shooting: Focuses on shooting technique and deciding on when and how to shoot on goal
 ·   Attacking: Covers tactics and positional play designed to optimize attacking as a team

  German "Touch" VCR Series 

     Dribbling and Feinting: Covers every aspect of ball control and dribbling, using various parts of the foot as well as moves to beat an opponent.
   Playing with an Opponent at Your Back: How to receive a ball with an opponent at your back and turning with the ball.
Consolidating Individual Skills and Ball Control:  Follow-up to the first two videos.

Reedswain Goalie DVD Series 

  Goalkeepers: A practical and easy to follow video for goalkeepers and their coaches.  Covers ball handling, catching, diving, positioning, angles, and intercepting crosses and high balls.
   Coaching Advanced Goalkeepers:  Taught by Luca Marchegiani, ’s 1994 World Cup Keeper.


 Coerver Fundamental DVD Series  

 Part OneBall Control Suppleness, Fast Footwork, and Feinting 
Part Two: Beating an Opponent. Sliding Tackles, Group Games. Kicking Techniques
Part Three: Heading and Shooting
Make Your Move Series - a five part DVD that introduces the Coerver Coaching Moves Pyramid Curriculum (Ball Mastery, Receiving and Passing, Moves (1 vs 1), speed, finishing, and group attack)


Soccer Secrets Video Collection

 Video 1 is Shooting, Passing, and Heading 
 Video 2 is Trapping, feinting, and dribbling 
 Video 3 is Ball control, Turning, tackling, and set plays
 Video 4 is Principles, runs, passing plays, and 2-1 situations
 Video 5 is counter attacks, crosses, and finishing set plays
 Video 6 is Principles of set play interceptions and one on one
 Video 7 is Keeper video Diving saves, and Distribution 
 Video 8 is positioning, shots one on one, set plays and crosses
 Video 9 is Practice at home side games the match
 Video 10 is Relaxed technique concentration training program

Miscellaneous Videos

Soccer with the SuperstarsTaught by North American soccer greats Bernie James and Peter Ward.  Teaches individual skills.
 All The Right Moves to Beat and Get Past your Opponent This is a learn at home video that the player should take home and watch.
Soccer StarThis video demonstrates essential soccer skills.
Total Defense:  Ray Harford, one of ’s premier coaches, combines instructional drills and tactical insight for defensive techniques both individually and as a team.
Speed and Strength Training for SoccerA series of exercises designed to strengthen the muscles used in soccer.
Vogelsinger’s Dribbling and Feinting : Internationally known player and coach Hubert Vogelsinger runs a clinic that starts with basic dribbling techniques and progresses to sophisticated dribbling and feinting combinations.