Executive Board Meeting - April 2010



Meeting Minutes
Executive Board Meeting
Date/Time of Meeting:
Thursday April 08,  2010 7:36PM – 9:35PM
St. Peters
Steve Loftus
Roger Ilamni
Karen Jones
Michael Gaines
Joe Ward
Shawn Bingham
Mana Labrie
Scott Wolf
Mark Duncan
Stephanie Lloyd
James Cataldo
Paul Cushion
Absent: Trent Jones,
Dave Weavill
Meeting Facilitator:
Steve Loftus
1.        Call to Order
Steve Loftus
Steve brought the meeting to order at 7:36PM
2.        Roll Call
Roger Ilamni
Roll call was maintained with a Meeting Sign-In Sheet
3.        Reading of Minutes and Acceptance
Roger Ilamni
During the reading of minutes, Chick-fil-a discussion was continued (see Unfinished Business). Steve called for a vote to accept the minutes from the meeting held on March 4th. Unanimous approval was obtained.
4.        Reading of Correspondence and Communications
Mana Labrie
Joe Ward
Steve Loftus
·         Mana was in contact with EZ Storage. EZ Storage would like to have their flyers publicized at Bryantown fields. EZ Storage would provide discounts to customers who brings in the flyers. There is no investment for WSC and the Board recommended no to the flyers.
·         Joe received a phone call from Crystal Palace (Baltimore semi-pro team). Crystal Palace would like to partner with WSC. Paul mentioned Crystal Palace has a history of being disorganized and is currently profit trouble. Steve commented WSC already has their hands full with DC United.
·         Steve provided the Board with the email traffic concerning Mr. Delahunt’s daughter. Background: Mr. Delahunt would like his daughter to be on the boy’s team she played for in the Fall season ‘09. Due to a closing of a boy’s team in the Spring season ‘10, Mr. Delahunt daughter was reassigned to a girls team. This reassignment of Mr. Delahunt daughter was not acceptable for him. 
-          Since Mr. Delahunt did not approve his daughter assigned to a girls team, Karen took Mr. Delahunt’s daughter out of the system. Dave refunded Mr. Delahunt’s fee. 
-          Mana reported the coach is allowing Mr. Delahunt’s daughter to practice with the team. Steve is going to check if WSC will be liable if she gets injured.
5.        Officer Reports
  • No Updates
Vice President, Administration
  • Adult program is up. All teams should have a full roster before the first game.
Vice President, Recreational Program
  • Bryantown grass condition was reported. Grass had a surge of growth and will be cut the week of 12th of April.
  • Joe will handle field marshal duties on April 11th (Sunday)
  • Since master game schedule is finalized, Joe will develop sign-up sheet for Field Marshall duties.
  • Joe passed out DC United membership cards
Boy’s Program Director
  • Michael Gaines provided boys statistics and information on vacancy
  • Currently, there is 504 boys
  • Incident report – Coach Martinez assistant coach was performing a drill during practice where the assistant coach was holding the players wrist as part of the drill. The player was slightly scratched by the assistant coach.
 Girl’s Program Director
  • Mike Merwin provided girls statistics
  • Currently, there is 598 players
Vice President, Travel
  • No Update
  • No Updates
  • Absent.
  • Dave forwarded the Board a financial report via email. Budget is still on the positive side.
  • Karen reported on registration.
  • Approximately 100 individuals on the waiting list.
Scheduling and Scoring Director
  • Jim finalized the master game schedule
  • Jim is in the process of closing out the fields for other programs
Merchandising Director
  • Mana provided issues on jerseys. See below in New Business.
Media Director
  • No Updates
Equipment Director
  • Shawn received the grass mower. Field will be cut the week of 4/12 A
Director of Coaching
  • No Updates
6.        Unfinished Business
  • Chick-fil-a discussion was continued. Chick-fil-a products will be at April 10th (Saturday) game. Invoices will be handled by Dave. Heaters/warmers have to be returned by a Board member.
  • At 9pm, a review of Rec. Plus Proposal (developed by Gaines) and a full discussion was conducted.   Proposal is located in Attachment 1
-           Mark and Scott were concerned the Rec. Plus Program would take away from the travel program. 
-          Steve motioned to analyze/review the current U8 Rec. Plus team from this coming travel try-out, repopulate the U8 team for the Fall season ’10, and then revisit this proposal next year.   A vote of 7-2 was in favor of the motion.
7.        New Business
·         Mana’s email is located in Attachment 2.
·         A brief discussion about issues with Coaches and jersey’s was talked about. 
·         This discussion was overcome by another topic, so will be noted in Unfinished Business.
8.       Suspense Items Apr
  • Set Agenda for Spring General Membership Meeting (Jun 1st)  – Roger
  • Edit and publish the Fall registration flyer and form – Karen and Stephanie
  • Sign the Board of Education (BoE) Distribution Approval Letter – Mark
  • Deliver the BoE Approval Letter/ Registration Flyer to BoE – Stephanie
  • Design and Obtain Travel Try-Out Advertisement in local papers – Stephanie
  • Publish Travel Try-Outs Ads on-line - Scott
9. Miscellaneous
  • None. Meeting concluded at 9:35pm
  • Next Executive Board meeting to be held May 6th
*Discussion Type – Information Sharing, Update, Review, Decision Making, Direction Setting, Approval or Feedback

Action Items
Created Date
Assigned to
Due Date
Mr. Delahunt check was refunded
Non-Registered player practicing with a WSC team and is WSC liable if that individual gets injured
See Suspense items for March items
*Action Item Status – Open, Completed
Future Meetings will be held at St. Peters Church in Room 8 at 7:30 unless otherwise noted

·          Expand the Club’s RecPlus Program to include one boys team and one girls team in the U8, U10 and U12 age groups, respectively (a total of six teams), effective for the Fall 2010 – Spring 2011 season.
·          Appoint Michael Gaines to serve as the “RecPlus Program Director” with overall administrative responsibility for the Program.
·          Conduct tryouts to evaluate and select players concurrently with Travel Program tryouts, starting in June 2010, with evaluations lead by the Director of Coaching, Paul Cushion.
·          Provide the RecPlus Program access to all of the Club’s resources with specific requirements to be outlined in an implementation plan prepared by the Program Director. The Program Director would submit a draft implementation plan at the April 2010 Executive Board Meeting.
The “RecPlus Division” in Southern Maryland is administered by St. Mary’s Youth Soccer (SMYS). The Division includes teams from SMYS, Calvert Soccer Association (CSA), St. Mary’s Northern Soccer League (SMNSL) and Waldorf Soccer Club (Club). The Club fielded its first and only RecPlus team, Waldorf Fury, in the U8 age group for the Fall 2009 – Spring 2010 seasons. SMYS, SMNSL and CSA have been participating in this program for several years and now have boys and girls RecPlus teams ranging from U8 – U14.
·          Provides a fun, moderate-cost, more competitive experience for above average players currently enrolled in the Club’s Recreational Program.
·          Provides a gateway for above average recreational players to transition into the Club’s Travel Program. Limited travel to Calvert County and St. Mary’s County gives players and parents a taste of the “travel” component of the Travel Program.
·          Provides developmental training ground for players that try out for, but are not selected for, travel teams, allowing them to work towards future opportunities to enter/re-enter the Travel Program.
·          Provides experienced coaches that must have a minimum of four seasons coaching in the Recreational Program and must hold at least an U.S. Youth Soccer E-license (or equivalent).
·          Parents and players commit to stay together through the fall and spring seasons, allowing them to develop team chemistry and allowing coaches the ability to introduce more advanced training concepts that can be built upon over the course of the two seasons.
I recommend that the Club’s Executive Board adopt this proposal with an official vote.
Michael M. Gaines
Coach, Waldorf FURY
Director, Boys Recreational Program
Waldorf Soccer Club


From: Russell Labrie
To: Steve Loftus ; Stephanie Lloyd ; Michael Merwin ; Mark Duncan ; Joe Ward ; "Gaines, Michael" ; David Weavill
Cc: Shawn Bingham ; Scott Wolf ; Roger Ilamni ; Karen Jones ; Jim Cataldo
Sent: Mon, March 29, 2010 9:00:44 PM
Subject: Uniforms and Coaches Meeting
Coaches and parents submitting uniform requests that result in unnecessary spending is a growing trend.
Additionally, Score has expressed concern filling small random uniform orders correctly and in a prompt manner. 
I would like to include the following as an insert to the Coach’s packets beginning Fall 2010 addressing these issues.  
-  All uniforms are a one for one swap (example; smaller size for larger size).
-  Hand out uniforms early.  Please bring any sizing concerns to the attention of WSC’s Merchandise Director - Mana Labrie labrie77@comcast.net  immediately.
   Uniforms are ordered thru a vendor (not purchased @ local store).
-  Please do not use a player’s favorite number as a method to hand out uniforms.
   Smaller numbers = small sizes. Larger numbers = larger sizes.
- Do not take sizing requests from parents prior to handing out uniforms.
  Any "sizing" issues should be visually confirmed by Coaches when handing out uniforms. 
- WSC’s Merchandise Director has the option to personally assess all uniform sizing issues.
-  Inclement weather is not a reason to postpone handing out uniforms.   
  Coaches can hold a team meeting.  Examples: Meet at Food Court in the Mall or parking lot of practice field.
- WSC’s Merchandise Director will need to place an order by (Cut off / Due by Date). 
  One week from Coaches Meeting? 
- Please return all unused uniforms and socks to WSC Merchandise Tent prior to end of season.
These are just some of my ideas.  Your suggestions are welcomed  
I would also like to add the following to our FAQs page;
Uniform concerns?  Please contact WSC Merchandise Director - Mana Labrie at labrie77@comcast.net  
Thanks, Mana