Executive Board Meeting - May 2010


Meeting Minutes
Executive Board Meeting
Date/Time of Meeting:
Thursday May 06,  2010 7:43PM – 8:40PM
St. Peters
Mark Duncan
Roger Ilamni
Steve Loftus
Stephanie Lloyd
Shawn Bingham
Michael Gaines
Scott Wolf
Paul Cushion
Mana Labrie
James Cataldo
Absent: Dave Weavill,
Karen Jones, Joe Ward,
Trent Jones
Meeting Facilitator:
Mark Duncan
1.        Call to Order
Mark Duncan
Mark brought the meeting to order at 7:43PM
2.        Roll Call
Roger Ilamni
Roll call was maintained with a Meeting Sign-In Sheet
3.        Reading of Minutes and Acceptance
Mark Duncan
Mark called for a vote to accept the minutes from the meeting held on April 8th. Unanimous approval was obtained.
4.        Reading of Correspondence and Communications
Mark Duncan
·         Mark was contacted by the County to provide number of teams
·         In addition, Mark brought up the issues about new signs at Bryantown to the County.
5.        Officer Reports
  • Mark was concerned about referees referring 4 games (or more) back to back. WSC believes this is too many hours in the heat without a break in between games. Back to back games will physically and mentally slow down the referee and their decision making. There is also concern for our younger refs who are not comfortable asserting themselves with Mrs. Marge Watson (Referee Assignor) for fear of not being assigned future games.
Vice President, Administration
  • No Updates
Vice President, Recreational Program
  • No Updates
Vice President, Travel
  • Travel Try-Outs announcement is out on the website
Boy’s Program Director
  • Red Card Incident with Joshua Brown’s U6 Player (See Attachment 1)
-          The referee report was filed with the assignor and the player will sit out for the next game
  • Two reports of U12 boys team (Felisa Hawkins-Lee) using players not on her roster. It’s unknown if these players are from Rec or Travel teams.
 Girl’s Program Director
  • A Rec team was inquiring about running the concession team so they could use the proceeds for tournament fees. The Board believes this was not a good idea.
  • Per Mark Duncan, Paul Newman’s Asst Coach was complaining about a referee giving a Red Card issued to Mr. Newman. Paul Newman was playing Wendell Phillips. Mark asked the Asst Coach to shoot an email pertaining what transpired.
  • General Membership meeting was confirmed for June 1st (7:30pm) at John Hanson Middle and updated on the website. Mark instructed to send out a broadcast email to the members.
  • No Updates
  • No Updates
Scheduling and Scoring Director
  • Jim reported NCL is changing game time for May 16. This causes Jim a problem with scheduling. This is a known issue.
Merchandising Director
  • Mana suggested to order tournament t-shirts. 150 shirts at $10 per shirt. There were no objections from the Board.
  • Mana still has a supply of game balls for the upcoming tournament.
Media Director
  • No Updates
Equipment Director
  • No Updates
Director of Coaching
  • Paul needs $1500 for planning of the travel try-outs. Board authorized this amount.
6.        Unfinished Business
  • Chick-fil-a discussion was continued. The Board decided not to sell Chick-fil-a sandwiches for future games
7.        New Business
Mike Saoud
  • Mike obtained school board approval to have Waldorf SC flyers distributed in students folders
  • Acquired banners to be displayed at Bryantown
-          (1 of) 3 x 20ft
-          (4 of ) 2 x 10ft
·         Waldorf SC Cup, tournament set for 5-6 June. Rec Plus tournament will be held on June 5th. Shawn, Steve, and Gary will mark the fields Friday night.
·         Fall Season Dates issued. Opening Date will be Sept 11th. The Fall season will be from Sept 11th through last Sunday in October. There will be games played on Columbus Day weekend. Below are the initial dates for the planning of the Fall seasons
Registration Opens
Mail-In Registration Ends
Registration Closes
Submit Team Nunbers to Mana
Order Uniforms
Coaches Meeting
Opening Day
Picture Day 1
Picture Day 2
County Close Fields
8.       Suspense Items May
  • Early May: Deliver approved registration flyer to copier for reproduction – Stephanie
  • End of May: Deliver copied registration flyers to all approved distribution sites – Stephanie
  • Determine Executive Board Representation at MSYSA GMM – Steve
  • Confirm Fall walk-in registration locations - Karen
9. Miscellaneous
  • None. Meeting concluded at 8:40pm
  • Next Executive Board meeting to be held June 3rd
*Discussion Type – Information Sharing, Update, Review, Decision Making, Direction Setting, Approval or Feedback

Action Items
Created Date
Assigned to
Due Date
Mr. Delahunt check was refunded
Non-Registered player practicing with a WSC team and is WSC liable if that individual gets injured
See Suspense items for March items
*Action Item Status – Open, Completed
Future Meetings will be held at St. Peters Church in Room 8 at 7:30 unless otherwise noted

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Josh Brown
To: brelyn@aol.com
Cc: maliksun@yahoo.com; rachelmarch37@aol.com; amuhonorgrad@gmail.com
Sent: Mon, May 10, 2010 9:39:04 PM
Subject: Re: 8 May Incident Report--Donovan Jones "Red Carded" and Ejected by Referee
Mr. and Mrs. Jones,
In response to your concern to the Incident Report: First, Donovan WAS Red-Carded and Ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct; shoving an opponent to the ground without cause.  I confirmed this with the referee following the game and spoke with other board members (after departing the field with the referee) to ensure that I was correct.  The fact that U6 Referees’ do not “carry red/yellow cards” does not make their decisions or ejections any less valid.  Second, Per Section 4 Subsection C Paragraph II of the Waldorf Soccer Club Rules and Policies: “Any Coach, Player, or Spectator who receives a Red Card during the course of a game will be disqualified for the remainder of the game.”  Later stating: “On the day of the match, Coaches must notify the Age-Group-Coordinator of any cards issued to any of his/her players or team.
Basically, Donovan DID RECEIVE a RED CARD, WAS EJECTED, and I AM REQUIRED TO FILE A REPORT to the Age-Group-Coordinator.  Any statement that is not in agreement with this is untrue and fabricated.  I filed my report as I am required and did you the courtesy of Carbon-Copying you.  If you simply review the Rules and Policies, you will see that my report is absolutely required and it is not an option for me to withhold such information; if I do, I will be personally subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.
You will note that in my report and in the email I made a specific request that Donovan receive no further punishment and be allowed to finish the season as well as attend the team banquet.  Any notion that I do not feel that he should be there is false and misguided.  I did in no way mention or exaggerate any facts that were not either witnessed by myself, my Assistant Coach, a Referee, or MULTIPLE PARENTS!  I am NOT on any person’s “Side”; in fact I find Mr. Meyer’s actions EGREGIOUS!  However, not one single person to include your husband has said anything to the contrary that “Donovan was choking Mr. Meyer’s Son and Mr. Meyer overreacted, engaged Donovan in an argument, and then with Mr. Jones.”  If you were not aware, I ejected Mr. Meyer from the following practice for his behavior and required that he reviewed the Rules and provide me a signed Memorandum-of-understanding before he could return to Team Activities; this was in addition to forwarding a Formal-Report to Michael Gaines and following up on the phone! 
Know this as a solid fact: I HAVE NO AGENDA AGAINST ANYONE!!  I am fair and professional with all players and families.  Sadly, it is not the players; it’s the parents that cause the most problems in youth soccer!   I sincerely want Donovan to play his final 2 games and attend the Banquet to receive the awards that he has earned!  However, it is your responsibility to ensure that he is mentally prepared to do so.  I simply do the best to manage the personnel and the game while placing my #1 priority on player-safety!  If I didn’t want Donovan around, I have the power to remove him from the team at any time!!  I have not and have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect him and keep him on the field!  Any claim to the contrary is simply false!
Although Donovan has been the subject of numerous complaints and requires “special treatment” at practice, I as Coach manage these issues as they arise and no not complain.  Mr. Meyer’s Son was indeed assaulted more than 3 times by your son (Which was witnessed and corrected) as was Nick Ladevich (Which was corrected and discussed with his parents) on at least one occasion.  As well, Donovan has been “Cautioned” IE Yellow-Carded twice by the referee’s of the particular game and I managed these issues by simply removing him from the field and sent him to you for disciplinary action/corrective action.  I do not have the ability to correct such issues during the course of the game while executing my primary job of ensuring the players are safe, the parents behaving, and the game being managed.  Despite numerous complaints from parents, I have never deprived Donovan from being able to practice or play unless specifically directed by the game’s referee! 
In Closing, while Donovan has his issues; I do not want him to miss out on the games and Banquet that I believe that he has earned!  However, that decision is up to the Board and I have made my recommendation clear.  If you have any concerns that are not explained clearly in this email, please feel free to contact me at any time!  I will not however get between parents in a feud!  I only assess and address situations as they occur; after that, I forget about them! 
Warmest Regards,
Josh Brown
Head Coach Thunder B-U6-8