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Futsal is the way the world plays indoor soccer. It is played on all the continents of the world in over 100 countries by more than 12 million players.

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Waldorf SC FUTSAL Program

Winter 2016/2017

The Waldorf Soccer Club is pleased to announce their partnership with the Charles County Capital Clubhouse to promote, organize and execute a winter Futsal program.

Games for the Waldorf SC Futsal program will begin the weekend of December 3, 2016 and conclude the weekend of March 4, 2017.  The season will include eight (8) games and will be structured around three divisions administered through the Tri-County Futsal League (www.tricountyfutsal.org).  There will be a winter break from December 19th to January 5th.

RECREATIONAL DIVISION - The recreational division will be composed of teams from area recreational soccer programs.  This division will not travel to other game sites.  PLEASE NOTE: If there are not enough recreational teams enrolled in the winter Futsal program, then any recreational teams already enrolled will be moved to the RECPLUS division.

CLASSIC/REC+ DIVISION - The Classic/Rec+ divsion will be composed of teams from area Rec Plus soccer programs.  This division WILL travel to other game sites in St. Mary’s County and Calvert County for as many as four (out of eight) games.
TRAVEL DIVISION - The travel division will be composed of teams from area travel soccer programs.  This division WILL travel to other game sites in St. Mary’s County and Calvert County for as many as four (out of eight) games.
Teams may be enrolled through the Tri-County Futsal website (www.tricountyfutsal.org).  This website accepts credit card payments.  
The cost to register each team is $575.00 for U8 through U14 teams and $625.00 for U15 and older teams.  This fee includes location rental and referee fees for games ONLY.  This fee DOES NOT include any uniforms, coaching fees or practice location rental fees.
An additional $6.50 per player fee will be assessed for each player who DID NOT participate with ANY MSYSA affiliated program in the Fall 2016 session.  For example, a player enrolled in the Waldorf Soccer Club recreational program DOES NOT need to pay this fee.  However, a player who did not participate in the Fall with any program will need to include this fee.  This fee enrolls the player with the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association and, therefore, covers the player under their insurance umbrella.
It is recommended each team comprise at least seven, and no more than ten players.  Uniforms, practices and practice facilities are left up to each team to obtain.  All games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays at locations commensurate with your program.
INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS WISHING TO PLAY FUTSAL: You may send your name, your parent’s names, their e-mail address, and their phone numbers to info@waldorfsoccer.com for placement on a wait list.  Once there are sufficient numbers of a given age group on the wait list, a team will be formed.  OR, teams joining the program and wishing to add a player or two will get these supplemental players from this wait list.  It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that individual players try to seek out a team to join or band together with other individuals and form a team.
COACHES:  It is extremely important to get word of this program out to each of your players.  If you cannot, or are unwilling to, enter a team into the program, please ask for a parent volunteer from your players to step up and enter a team(s).  The Club will hold a coaches Futsal training session before the season commences.