Open Letter to All WSC Parents and Coaches

Why Doesn't Anyone Attend Our Meetings?

The Waldorf Soccer Club's monthly informational meeting for coaches and parents was cancelled once again on October 19 due to lack of attendance.  This has become pretty much the norm with our Club.  The September meeting was also cancelled.  Last night WSC arranged for a presentation by representatives of the new Athletic Clubhouse on the various leagues and sports they will be providing.  About 7 or 8  people attended, and half of them were Board members.  Last spring a DC United contingent presented its United Soccer Academy program to less tha 15 people in attendance.
Some members of the WSC Board of Directors have recently vacated their positions.  Elections are upcoming in December for some of the Board positions, provided we have a quorum (15 attendees).  WSC has been trying, for the last two months, to discuss several changes to the existing Club documents (Club By-Laws, Guidelines, etc.), but have been unable to do so because of not having a quorum at the meetings.  It is becoming very difficult to move the Club forward.  Last spring we had over 1100 children in our program (more than 900 recreational players and over 20 travel teams), and yet we have very little parental volunteer support.  As an example, WSC had less than 10 adults volunteer to help with the annual Club picnic a few weeks ago.  We're sure that you all enjoyed the food and beverages provided, but does anyone really know how an event like that is put together?
WSC asks that you spend one hour a month to attend these important meetings.  Maybe it's a communication problem; maybe Board members aren't getting the word out that these meetings are important.  Maybe our volunteer coaches aren't communicating with the parents to the best of their ability.  Maybe there really is apathy and no one cares what the Club is doing.  It appears that the only time we have a few people attending our meetings is when a faction of people have heard that the Club is doing, or has done, something they don't like, so they come and voice their displeasure (as what happened with the Four-Goal rule this past season).
Why aren't the coaches using this website to make homepages for their teams?  Why aren't many of you reading the minutes of various meetings the Club has had?  Have you read the Treasurers page which lets you know how the Club spends your registration fee monies?  Do you know that the Club has extensive funds in an account to help pay for real bathrooms and/or better parking and/or a concession and picnic area once the Bryantown field complex is expanded?  Do you know that the County has promised to expand Bryantown to double its size (and how the County is going to pay for that)?  There are way too many parents who are just dropping their children off at practice and then "rooting" for them on game days.  WSC is asking that you get involved.  Let us know what you're thinking.  Come to our meetings and voice your opinions.  Have your child's coach make a website page using this site to provide current information; contact a WSC Board member via e-mail and volunteer to help (they're listed on the site, just follow the links to the left).
We want to make the Club bigger and stronger.  We want to banner more travel teams.  But we need your help.  PLEASE make arrangements to spend an hour with us a month.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 16, 7:30pm at John Hanson Middle School.