Rec Registration FAQs

Page Last Updated:  1/10/2018
REGISTRATION - Frequently Asked Questions
Waldorf SC Registrar - Darnell Woodward Email:

* When does the Waldorf SC conduct registration?

The Waldorf SC will typically conduct registration for the fall soccer session during the May/June/July timeframe.  Registration for the spring soccer session typically occurs during the December/January/February/March timeframes.
* How much is the registration fee?
The Waldorf SC Registration Fee is currently set at either $85.00, $90.00, or $110.00, depending on the registration date.  Registering earlier in the period will get you a cheaper registration fee.
* What is the best way to register? 
The Waldorf SC operates three processes to register your child(ren) for play.  First, the Club has an online registration system which can be accessed using the tab on the main page of the website.  Second, the Club accepts mail-in registrations.  The instructions for mail-in registration can be found on the downloadable registration form on the website.  Lastly, the Club conducts walk-in registrations.  The location and times/dates of the walk-in registrations can be found on the website.  All three methods have the same guarantee of placement as long as the registration takes place within the registration time period. 
* Can I pay for my child(ren)’s registration using a credit card?
A credit card may be used to pay for registration only in the on-line registration system.  The credit card information must be input by the card holder.  The Waldorf SC also accepts payments in the form of cash, check, or money order via mail or at walk-in registration.
* What is the waitlist?  When should I place my child on the waitlist?  How do I place my child on the waitlist?
The waitlist is a list of potential players that did not register for play during the registration period.  The waitlist is normally opened the day after regular registration ends and remains open through the coaches meeting.  Directions for the waitlist will be posted on the website.  You will register your child using the Club’s registration system and pay the registration fee ($110) and your child will be placed on the waitlist.  Your child(ren)’s position on the waitlist is determined by the date and time of the receipt of registration/payment.  Players will be placed dependent on the requirements of the Waldorf SC.  PLACEMENT ON THE WAITLIST DOES NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT ON A TEAM.  If your child(ren) is not placed on a team off of the waitlist for the upcoming season, you will receive a full refund.
* I know a coach.  The coach needs players, can the coach place my child on their team?
NO!  A coach cannot offer your child a place on their team.  The Registrar will process the registration and pass the information to the appropriate Program Director (Boys or Girls) for placement on a team.  The appropriate Program Director is the only individual that can place a child on a team.   Joining a team without following the proper registration process jeopardizes the entire team’s eligibility, as well as compromises the State-provided insurance the Club is required to maintain on each player / Club member.
* How do I get a refund and what is the deadline to request a refund?
Requests for refunds will be made to the Club Treasurer or the Registrar.  Requests may be of the hand-written or electronic variety.    Members requesting a refund must file a request no later than the close of business on the day before the first scheduled game of each session.  Mail-in requests must be post-marked no later than the day before the first scheduled game of each session.
* When do the sessions start?
The coaches meeting usually takes place in mid-March for the Spring Session and mid-August for the Fall Session.  Practices will begin the week following the coaches meeting.  Games will begin approximately 2 or 3 weeks after the coaches meeting.
* I haven’t heard from my coach.  What do I do?
Please check the front page of the website for the date of the coaches meeting.  Coaches do not receive the team roster until  the coaches meeting.  If the coaches meeting has occurred, please give the coach a week to contact all the players on the team.  You may also access the on-line personnel system (via the link on the homepage) and check your child’s name to see if there is an age group team assigned (i.e. G-U15-1, usually shown in blue).  By clicking this link, a team roster will be shown.  WARNING: TEAM ROSTERS ARE NOT FINALIZED UNTIL THE COACHES MEETING.  Or, if the week has passed, you may contact the appropriate Program Director.
* How old does my child have to be?
The youngest child the Club will enroll is 3 years old (Kiddie Kicks Program).  Special exceptions may be made depending on the child's physical size and ability.
* What age group does my child belong in?
All age groups are listed on the Waldorf SC website during the registration period.  Your child will be placed on a team within their age group.  A player may not play in a younger age group regardless of physical size or experience.  On rare occaisions, a player may "play up" an age group.  However, this is not normal and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Waldorf SC Executive Board and the Director of Coaching.

* What does the Club provide?

Your registration fee to the Club provides your child(ren) with a regulation game jersey and game socks.  Examples of other items provided by your registration fee are field fees for both practice and games, referee fees, coaches equipment, and background checks on all head coaches. For a comprehensive explanation of what the fee covers please click here.
* What equipment does my child(ren) need to provide to play soccer?  
Parents must provide shin guards to their children.  Shin guards must be worn at every practice and game.  Parents may provide their children with shorts and/or sweatpants, depending on the weather.  Parents may also wish to provide their children a set of soccer boots (cleats) and a soccer ball (talk with your coach about what the proper size soccer ball is for your age group).  The only mandatory item is the shin guards.  The Club encourages parents to obtain the other equipment listed.  But, knowing how fast children outgrow shoes and clothes, we encourage you to obtain equipment not necessarily at the top-of-the-line.
* Where do we play/practice?
Kiddie Kicks and the U6/U8 Junior Academy teams will practice and play games at the Bryantown Sports Complex.  Practices for the U10 and older age groups will be held at various schools and community fields in the area.  You may NOT choose what field your child practices on.  We try to accomodate neighborhoods/nearest schools to the best of our ability, but practice fields are chosen by the volunteer coach and are usually what fits their schedule.  This is one of the few perks we are able to provide our all-volunteer coaching staff.    The U10 and above recreational games are played at the Bryantown Sports Complex or at Laurel Springs Parks.
* How/when do I find out what team my child is on?
Your child will be notified what team they are placed on within 2 weeks prior to the first game.  We ask that you allow the coach time to contact all team members (some have upwards of 15 players x 2 parents) before you start contacting other coaches or board members.  We ask that you please refrain from phone calls & e-mail inquiries about team placement until two weeks after the scheduled coaches meeting.  A parent may also go into the on-line personnel system, which will provide a link by the child’s name (usually a team number (i.e. G-U10-1).
* Why is there so much time between the end of registration and season start?
The end of the registration period begins the busiest time of year for the Waldorf SC Executive Board.  The various board members begin the team formation process, finding volunteer coaches, assigning practice fields, building the game schedules and ordering uniforms for the teams.  This takes time.  All members of the Waldorf SC Executive Board are volunteers and work on these processes during their free time.
* Can I request a specific team or coach?
No, the Waldorf SC cannot accept requests for placements on teams.  Our philosophy is each child must be exposed to numerous coaching styles throughout their career.  This will benefit them later in life, when they strike out on their own.  However, a parent may request to not have a certain coach.  This request will be honored. 
* Can I sponsor my child’s team?
Absolutely, we encourage it!!   Please e-mail to let us know you are interested in sponsoring a team and we will gladly get you the information.
* How do I become a coach?  What if I have no experience?
As a volunteer organization, we are always in need of coaches, assistant coaches, team moms, etc.  During the registration of your child, just annotate that you would like to become a head coach or assistant coach.  We have licensed coaches that will be happy to help you learn the game of soccer.  Our Director of Coaching, a nationally licensed coach and former Division I College Assistant Coach, offers clinics throughout the season and at the coaches meeting.  The Club also maintains a library of instructional books and DVDs which are available to check out.  This is for recreation team coaches.  For travel coaches please review the travel program policy under club policies and directives for applying to be a travel coach.
* Does the Club / team need volunteers?
ALWAYS!!!   Volunteers are the backbone of our Club and what makes the Waldorf SC the great organization that it is.  If you are interested in volunteering please e-mail
* How do I keep up with information or happenings within the Club?  What if I have an idea or a something that needs further discussion?
As a parent of a player, you are automatically a Waldorf SC member.  We encourage you to bring your ideas or concerns to the Club.  We have three General Membership meetings every year, you will receive an email broadcast directly from the Club website regarding these meetings.  They are also posted on the main page of the Club website and in the website calendar.  If your idea/concern is more urgent, you may send an email to   We encourage member participation.