Waldorf SC Sponsorship Drive

Now Until 15 February 2006...

The Waldorf Soccer Club announces the dates for the Club sponsorship drive for this year.  The drive will run from now until 15 February 2006.

If anyone associated with the Club (parents, players, spectators, etc) works for or owns a business, or knows someone who does, and might be interested in sponsoring a team or teams for the coming calendar year, please contact the Club Sponsorship Coordinator, Valerie Watson, with all of the appropriate information.  She may be contacted at 301-645-7877 or via e-mail at havoc3332@netzero.net.

Sponsorships will cost $300 / team / year for the first team sponsored.  Subsequent teams will be $250 / team / year.  Sponsorships will include the Spring and Fall 2006 seasons.  Persons responsible for getting a business to sponsor a Club team will receive free registration for the spring season.  Click on the links below to obtain the required literature.